Honey Bee Asian Bistro

Full service
American-Chinese, Asian fusion
Fri.& Sat.:11:00AM-10:00PM
Closed on Tuesday!
  • The worse service ever i wish i would have checked these reviews first!! We ordered at 5:30 its 8 pm now still waiting.  I called and she said oh if you order on line it reads 45 but should read 1 gr and 45mins. When i called they had not even started on our order...1 1/2 hrs still waiting 
    She was not very nice but said you want to cancel. I said no i want me food !!!! She said it will be another 30 mins maybe. I said i expect it to be here within 30 mins! She said kitchen busy but we will be there!  Will see how good the food is. Ill be back 
    pacos******@gmail.com posted at 1/25/2020
  • I ordered from this site for Honey bistro and you all messed up then order. I ordered sweet n sour chicken and that’s not what I got. When I called the restaurant they offered to give me another meal but I had to go get it fuck that shit I waited an hour for the wrong order. You owe me 
    rger****@teamlinx.com posted at 1/11/2020
  • I general enjoy eating from here, we order in from them alot... Sadly, tonight I ordered over $60.00 in food and when I asked about the coupon for the free wontons which I unfortunately  didn't have but figured it wouldn't be a problem I was told they had "run out"!?!? And there was nothing that could be done. Really?? You can't just throw em in??? Super disappointing considering the amount of money we spend there and the amount of competition in the area... 
    usmar*****@gmail.com posted at 12/22/2017
  • Absolutely the worst asian food I have ever had, don't waste you money... 
    The only thing better than RAW BEEF was the customer service; almost as disgusting! After being delivered raw beef and disgusting Pineapple Curry for a 70 dollar take out meal, when I called to see if we could get something edible the manager conveniently hung up on me. Then after reconnecting I was going to ask if we could possible pick up something different since it was not for humans to eat. Instead I was "educated" on how terrible my choices in chinese food were! Sorry we have a dietary restriction in the house-- just so we are clear I have had beef with vegetables (sauce on the side) on many occasions and have never been served such disgusting unseasoned, old, under cooked beef in my life... 
    In addition, I dare you to ask the manager if she recommends the Pineapple curry she doesn't suggest it . In her words" its very flavorless and I wouldn't suggest it
    brand******@hotmail.com posted at 2/12/2016
  • So I put my order in at 8:00p.m. and did not get delivery at all! It is now after they close and not
    pitb*****@comcast.net posted at 11/10/2015